Synthetic Eezox Premium Gun Care Synthetic Eezox Premium Gun Care Synthetic Eezox Premium Gun Care
Please Read These Directions Before Using
NOTE: EEZOX is not harmful to original factory wood finishes. If product comes into contact with rubber grips, wipe till dry.

1. CLEANING: Using only EEZOX, clean all parts of your firearm, including bore and barrel, actions, mechanisms, metal surfaces and parts. Make sure all residual solvents, greases, waxes and teflon coatings from previous cleanings are removed with EEZOX at this time. It is not necessary to follow this cleaning with other products.

2. LUBRICATING: When the firearm is thoroughly cleaned and wiped dry, apply a very light coat of EEZOX to all parts and allow to dry. Drying may take several hours on new applications. If too much EEZOX has been applied, remove the excess with a soil cloth, being careful to leave only a light coating of EEZOX.

3. PROTECTING: Once the last application of EEZOX has dried, your firearm is ready for use or storage. Although dry, EEZOX continues to protect, both in use and storage.



Under the most adverse conditions imaginable. EEZOX proved itself to the ALLIED FORCES involved with "OPERATION DESERT STORM" in the Gulf War.

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